Corporate responsability

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Marchesi wishes to create a work environment with a high level of safety, health and protection for people and the environment. The Group undertakes to introduce best practices in the production processes that go beyond the application of existing regulations. The continuous improvement of the internal regulations and conduct of its employees and contractors has the goal of minimizing the risk of hazardous and harmful situations for people and the environment.





  • Infrastructures and production processes are planned to ensure safety and prevent events harmful to people, property and the environment;
  • The group's employees are trained in the safety field, and the company provides them with the means to work in a safe and sustainable manner;
  • All employees are encouraged to promote safe work practices that are also environmentally friendly;
  • Marchesi is looking for partners that share the belief that accidents can be prevented and that the promotion of safe and respectful behaviors toward the environment is crucial to  achieve optimal resource management;
  • Energy efficiency is pursued by reducing waste production in the various stages and by preventing environmental pollution;
  • Periodically, the company performance is reviewed and checked, with the goal of improving internal conduct.