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The company was founded by Alessio Marchesi (father) and Rodolfo (son) with the purpose of processing non-ferrous metals and producing household items.

The business activity began with the production of accessories for doors and windows, which will remain the main production up until the seventies. The company entered the international market immediately by selling its products abroad.
The first portion of the existing 4000 square meters factory in Italy was built, including the new foundry, sifting, turning, grinding and finishing departments, as well as the offices, expo halls and warehouses. The company counted 2 founders and 3 employees.
The production of pressure die-cast aluminum components for the electronic and telecommunication sectors began, first specializing in fixed line equipment and subsequently, as a result of technological innovation, entering the wireless sector. In the seventies, the company became a joint stock company, taking the current corporate name of "Fonderia Marchesi S.p.A." At the end of the nineties, the main production cycle was integrated with the addition of chromating treatments, painting and other surface finishing, assembly, and gasket application stages.
The company's production expanded to Asia, with the opening of a factory in Suzhou (China) dedicated to aluminum pressure die-casting for base stations and the telecommunications industry.

Magnesium pressure die casting was introduced.


The Chinese factory moved to a new location where most of the production cycle stages were performed in-house, including casting, machining, CNC machining, assembly, and gasket application.


A new branch was opened in Romania.


Introduction of a line for chromate treatment and painting in China.
Currently, the company employs 42 people.

A new branch was opened in Mexico.